What to do Now!

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what to do now

There are still things to do in the garden so don’t throw in the trowel just yet!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Martin Viette Nurseries. Closed Thanksgiving Day.

Last mow! It’s time to cut the lawn for the final time in 2015 (are you cheering?)! Drop the mower blade for this final cut to 2”. Winter is a good time to do any repair work on mowers. While you’re at it – sharpen the blades so you are ready when spring 2016 arrives.

Drain and store garden hoses. Good gardeners will keep a hose in the garage or shed to water during winter thaws (plants will especially need/enjoy this if snow cover has been minimal or non-existent!).

If you need snow stakes for the potential white stuff in winter, it’s time to do this chore.

You can soon say ‘leaf me alone’! If you have a mulching lawn mower, allow the finely chopped up leaves to remain on the lawn for some nutrient recycling.

If you haven’t planted your spring flowering bulbs, time is running out. Once the ground freezes, it’s too late!

If you plan to have a live Christmas tree this year, dig the hole now! Cover removed soil with burlap or mulch so you can plant it after the Holidays.

Want Amaryllis for Christmas? Buy and plant bulbs now for Christmas bloom.

Cold nights are on the way. Make sure you have firewood to stay warm and cozy. Need firewood, fire starters, or fire logs? We can help; we can deliver.

What’s going on in the late November garden?