What to do Now!

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what to do now

Grab the pruning shears, it’s time! Roses can be pruned back now to encourage healthy growth this spring. Always use clean, sharp pruners to remove any dead or diseased canes. Healthy canes can be trimmed back, as well. And if you grow low maintenance carpet or knock-out rose types, they should be pruned back heavily now. Short and sweet: if your roses need a good pruning, NOW is the time to do it! Before you forget, fertilize with Rose-tone according to package directions after pruning.

Prune butterfly bush before it begins to grow. Large, overgrown shrubs will benefit from a good haircut – now!

Gradually remove mulch from perennial borders. Sunlight will warm the soil and encourage spring growth.

It’s time to plant some perennial veggies and fruit in the garden. Asparagus, horseradish, and rhubarb can be planted now. Plant it right the first time – well-drained soil and ample sunshine. Fresh stock has just arrived at Martin Viette.

Finally seeing your spring bulbs pushing through? That’s your cue to fertilize – now – with Bulb-tone or Plant-tone.

If you haven’t already, prune back ornamental grasses to within 6” of the ground.

What’s going on in the early March garden?