What to do Now!

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what to do now

Red, white & blooming – in your garden! As summer heats up, annuals are showing their best blooms. To keep them in ‘bloom mode’, use Jack’s Blossom Booster. Read and follow package directions.

Be on the lookout for Japanese beetles in the garden. Their presence only lasts for 4 plus weeks, but the damage can be substantial to roses and other plants. If found, several options – organic or chemical exist. We can help with solutions.

Aphids are on the rise. Check the new growth on garden and landscape plants for their presence. If found, treat with a recommended insecticide. Organic and chemical remedies exist.

Heavy rains can cause mulch to shift in flower and landscape beds. When you redistribute, avoid mulch at the crowns and trunks of plants. Keep it at least 6″ away. And when you do, 2-3″ of it is all that’s needed!

Did you know? We have water restrictions in Nassau County! Water by following the law. Nassau County residents – there’s an ordinance (it’s been on the books for years) that governs when we can water our lawns, trees, shrubs and gardens. In a nutshell – no watering is allowed between 10am to 4pm. Even numbered properties and properties without a number may water on even dates of the month; residents with odd numbers may water on odd dates. And just because it may be your day to water, doesn’t mean that your plants need water! Check first; and then water responsibly.

What’s going on in the early July garden?