What to do Now!

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Long, hot, dry summer…It’s time to spruce up your planters & window boxes with needed fresh fall color and flowers. Learn how to breathe new life into tired planters this Saturday at 10am.

Fall is the ideal time to tackle lawn weeds. Know what weeds you have before you treat. Bring us samples of weeds for identification.

Tempted to fertilize existing trees and shrubs? Don’t be! The time to fertilize is Thanksgiving.

Nighttime temperatures are dipping; it’s time to move houseplants back indoors. Check for unwanted pests, and then treat if need be. We can help.

The window of opportunity to establish a new lawn on Long Island is coming to a close. It’s best to get this done by early October. Not sure what to do?  We can help you through the process.

They’re back! Young grubs are actively chewing on turfgrass roots. Their voracious feeding can cause considerable damage in a short period of time. Helpful hint – the younger the grub, the more effective the insecticide treatment will be. Ask about grub control the next time you shop Martin Viette.

Continue to harvest veggies as they ripen. Too much of a good thing? Consider dropping off your surplus to the INN’s many soup kitchens. We are a designated drop-off.

To lime or not to lime! Before you tackle the home lawn, have a soil pH test done now so you know if you need to add lime or not.

Need to mulch landscape beds? Remember, only 2-3 inches of mulch is needed. Helpful hints: do not apply mulch around or over the crowns of plants, and never volcano mulch!

What’s going on in the late September garden?