What to do Now!

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what to do now

Are you watering properly? So many samples of improper watering are appearing at our diagnostic desk. Watering daily or every other day for 15 -20 minutes is a no-no; especially if the area is mulched (the mulch may be wet but not the soil underneath!). Water deeply and less frequently to assure that you are getting a vertical core of moisture through the mulch and into the root zone area of the plants. Plants do NOT pick-up water through their leaves; only through their roots.

They’re back! Japanese beetles are making their annual summer appearance . Look for them feeding on roses, rose of sharon, hydrangeas, and other deciduous plants. Treat when found. Ask us what to use the next time you shop Martin Viette. (The less adults, the less grubs come late summer/early fall.)

Deadhead all spent flowers from roses, then fertilize with Rose-tone according to label directions. When you deadhead, cut back to a set of five leaves.

Are your houseplants enjoying a summer vacation outside? Give them a needed shot-in-the-arm; fertilize according to package directions.

Summer pruning of plants (that need it) should be done by mid-July.

Pinch back hardy mums to create bushier plants with more blooms for this fall. Last pinch before mid-July.

Keep annual flowers in bloom-mode; use a blossom booster fertilizer according to label directions.

Need to mulch landscape beds? Remember, only 2-3 inches of mulch is needed. Helpful hints: do not apply mulch around or over the crowns of plants, and never volcano mulch!

What’s going on in the July garden?