What to do Now!

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what to do now

Snow! Think of it as a great insulator for perennials, bulbs and other hardy plant material. If not a lover of snow, then it’s just a nuisance that will eventually melt away.

Paws a moment; remember to use pet-friendly ice melt on walkways and driveways to get the job done.

Burning a lot of firewood this winter? Consider recycling wood ashes to your garden when the soil is workable in the spring. Just don’t overdo it; 15-20 lbs for every 1000 square feet of planting area is tops. Before you plant, have the pH of your soil tested. Wood ashes can raise the pH.

Check stored bulbs – cannas, dahlias, elephant ears – for signs of rot. If found, discard. There will always be fresh bulbs to buy this spring.

Keep firewood stacked, covered, and ready by the door.

Cut a few branches of forsythia for indoor forcing. Place cut branches in water and presto – yellow flowers should begin to appear within a week or two.

Start a gardening journal for notes, thoughts, images, seed packets, and labels for the 2016 gardening year. It’s impossible to remember from year to year what performed well and what didn’t.

Days are getting longer – really! It’s time to think about what to grow in the late winter/early spring vegetable garden. Seeds and all seed starting supplies have arrived at Martin Viette!

Dreaming about spring? 41 days and counting…

What’s going on in the early February garden?