What to do Now!

what to do now

BER – aka Blossom End Rot – is appearing on tomatoes.

Weeds, weeds, weeds! Keep up with any ‘freeloaders’ (that rob needed moisture and nutrients) in gardens and landscape beds. Thanks to the much needed recent rain, weeds are easier to pull.

It’s time to scout for bagworms! Their telltale bags (with the resident caterpillar inside) should be visible, dangling from the branches of arborvitae or juniper. There are several options for dealing with this pest: hand pick and destroy; or spray with an insecticide labeled for controlling bagworm. Be sure to read and follow label directions to a tee. Not sure what to use? Ask us the next time you come to Martin Viette.

It’s too early to do any lawn renovation. Sit tight until mid to late August for any minor repair or major renovation.

Deadhead spent blooms on flowering annuals to encourage more color in the months ahead.

Then, liquid feed flowering annuals with Blossom Booster for a needed shot-in-the-arm.