What to do Now!

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what to do now

After a tough, tough winter, new growth is appearing on hydrangeas! What should you do now? Any branches that are completely dried up, remove now (be sure they are dead before you prune!) Branches that have dead tips, but new leaves appearing closer to the base can be pruned back to the new growth. Fertilize with Holly-tone or Plant-tone after pruning.

It’s time to plant strawberries in strawberry jars. Full sun, water as needed; then harvest and smile!

It’s still too early to plant warm season veggies and annuals in the garden. Sit tight; May 15th is considered the safe planting date.

Sharpen your lawn mower blades, mowing season is about to begin! Sharp blades cut, not tear, grass blades (which makes the lawn looks better).

Be on the lookout for onion or garlic grass that’s appearing in lawns and landscape beds. It’s best to treat before you begin to mow the lawn for the season. And as tempted as you might be – do NOT handpull! Use a labeled weed killer to do the job.

Still time to rake out and reseed bare spots in the lawn.

What’s going on in the April garden?