What to do Now!

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what to do nowIf you’ve been waiting to fertilize your lawn, time is running out! Nassau County residents have until November 15th to fertilize; Suffolk County residents have until November 1st.

Ready bird feeders; it will soon be time to feed our feathered friends.

There’s still time to treat any broadleaved weeds found in the lawn. Eliminate them now; you’ll be ahead of the game next spring. Ask us about the proper herbicides (weed killers) to use the next time you come to Martin Viette.

Gentle reminder – harvest the last of any warm season vegetables before the first frost. Green tomatoes can be picked and wrapped in newspaper to continue ripening. Don’t be too hasty to harvest cool season crops like cabbage, kale, or Brussels sprouts – a light frost actually helps to improve the taste of these crops.   Extra vegetables can be dropped off at Martin Viette Nurseries for donation to the INN’s many soup kitchens.

Love daffodil, tulip, hyacinth and other spring flowering bulbs? To enjoy them in spring, you must plant in fall. Here’s how!

What’s happening in the October garden.