What to do Now!

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what to do now

If you haven’t already done this, clean and store all terra cotta/clay pots. Remember, they are not ‘winter hardy’ and will crack or shatter with ice and snow.

A dry cut Christmas tree can be dangerous! A word to the wise – keep water in the basin at all times!

Buying flowering plants for the Holidays? Make us your last stop on the way home. Periods of cold weather, even in cars, can be damaging to tender plants. We will sleeve your plants for the ride!

Check stored bulbs – cannas and elephant ears – for any signs of rotting. If found, discard.

While you’re at it, clean and store garden tools for their winter hibernation.

Poinsettias, cyclamens, and other holiday plants need to be checked regularly for water. Water thoroughly, but don’t allow the plant to ‘sit’ in water.

What’s happening in the December garden?