What to do Now!

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what to do now

Cooler weather signals that Fall is truly here. This means:
• houseplants should be back inside from their summer vacation
• last call to fertilize houseplants until late February 2016
• tackle lawn weeds now
• reseed bare spots in the lawn
• harvest veggies as they ripen and before frost

Let the clean-up begin! Downed trees, lots of leaves, and debris; only prune broken branches to shrubs to rid of the damage.

With all the drenching rains, there’s no need to run an automatic sprinkler system. Turn it off and let the soil dry out!

To lime or not to lime! Before you tackle the home lawn, have a soil pH test done now so you know if you need to add lime or not.

Fall is for planting – trees, shrubs, perennials, lawns and spring-flowering bulbs. University research validates that fall is ideal for planting on Long Island. Join us this Saturday at 10am for a lecture on ‘Fall is for Planting’.

What’s going on in the October garden?