What to do Now!

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what to do now

Harvest veggies – tomatoes, cukes, squash, peppers – as they ripen. Too much of a good thing? You can donate surplus harvest to the Interfaith Nutrition Network’s soup kitchens. Martin Viette is a designated drop-off for the INN.

Digital cameras and cell phones can capture the good, the bad, & the ugly in the garden. Take pictures each week for future reference.

Avoid overhead irrigation on roses and other perennials; water at ground level to keep diseases like Black Spot or Powdery mildew at bay.

Now is NOT the time to fertilize trees and shrubs. Wait until Thanksgiving to do so.

Houseplants need repotting? Summer is a great time to tackle any needed repotting! Don’t want to get dirty? We don’t mind! Ask us about our fee-based potting service.

Insect, disease, and cultural problems are appearing in home veggie and flower gardens, and landscapes. Be sure of the diagnosis before a remedy is selected; a pesticide is not always needed. Not sure what the problem is? Bring a sample to our diagnostic desk for solutions to your gardening woes.

We have water restrictions in Nassau County! Water your lawn; follow the law. Nassau County residents – there’s an ordinance (it’s been on the books for years) that governs when we can water our lawns, trees, shrubs and gardens. In a nutshell – no watering is allowed between 10am to 4pm. Even numbered properties and properties without a number may water on even dates; residents with odd numbers may water on odd dates. And just because it may be your day to water, doesn’t mean that your plants need water! Check first. Water responsibly.

What’s going on in the August garden?