What to do Now!

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what to do now

Does your lawn need some attention? Let us offer some timely lawn care advice; click to watch a video on fall seeding, watering and mowing.

Grubs should be actively feeding in the root zone in home lawns. If found, treat with a recommended insecticide. Read and follow label directions to a tee.

Continue to harvest veggies as they ripen. Too many veggies? Remember the INN’s soups kitchens; we are a designated drop off for your donations.

If overcrowded peonies need to be divided, do it now. The window of opportunity is closing…

If you recently seeded your lawn, make sure that you are mowing young grass when the blades reach 3 – 3 ½”. Avoid tearing the blades of grass; always cut with sharp, clean mower blades. 

Cooler night temperatures; it’s time for houseplants to be houseplants again. Inspect plants thoroughly for any unwanted hitchhikers before your plants come back indoors. Unwanted critters looking to find warmer lodging? Ask us about remedies the next time you shop Martin Viette.