What to do Now!

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what to do now

Time to finish any summer pruning of plants that need it. A word to the wise: now it NOT the time to prune lilacs, rhodys or azaleas. That should have been done immediately after flowering.

Be on the lookout for these garden and landscape pests: two-spotted spider mites, Japanese beetles, and Hemlock woolly adelgid. Ask about solutions next time you shop MVN.

Noticing lush vines growing on fences, trees? While other plants struggle, poison ivy has thrived during this hot, dry weather. What can you do about PI? There are controls, but be careful if you are allergic to its sap. We can help with remedies.

Houseplants need repotting? Summer is a great time to tackle any needed repotting! Don’t want to get dirty? We don’t mind! Ask us about our fee-based potting service.

Are your houseplants enjoying a summer vacation outside? Give them a needed shot-in-the-arm; fertilize according to package directions.

Keep annual flowers in bloom-mode; use a blossom booster fertilizer according to label directions.

Need to mulch landscape beds? Remember, only 2-3 inches of mulch is needed. Helpful hints: do not apply mulch around or over the crowns of plants, and never volcano mulch!

What’s going on in the mid-July garden?