What to do Now!

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what to do now

Water, water, water! Plants – new and established – are in dire need of rain! (Rain dances, praying to the rain gods – whatever it takes!) Learn how to water properly.

Summer vacation is almost over; houseplants will soon be moving back indoors. Check for unwanted pests, and then treat if need be. We can help.

Be on the lookout for grubs in home lawns. (Yes, they’re back!) Young grubs will actively feed on turfgrass roots, causing considerable damage in a short period of time. The younger the grub, the more effective the insecticide treatment will be. Always read and follow label directions when using any pesticide. Ask us about grub control the next time you shop Martin Viette.

If you’ve been waiting to tackle lawn renovation, the wait is over! Late summer/early fall is THE best time to establish a new lawn on Long Island. Not sure what to do? We can help you through the process.

To lime or not to lime! Before you tackle the home lawn, have a soil pH test done now so you know if you need to add lime or not.

Harvest and enjoy veggies as they ripen. Zucchinis should not be the size of baseball bats! Too many veggies? Consider donating surplus to The INN’ s many soup kitchens. Martin Viette is a designated drop-off; daily 9am to 6pm.

Insect, disease, and cultural problems are appearing in home veggie and flower gardens, and landscapes. Be sure of the diagnosis before a remedy is selected; a pesticide is not always needed. Not sure what the problem is? Bring a sample to our diagnostic desk for solutions to your gardening woes.

We have water restrictions in Nassau County! Water your lawn; follow the law. Nassau County residents – there’s an ordinance (it’s been on the books for years) that governs when we can water our lawns, trees, shrubs and gardens. In a nutshell – no watering is allowed between 10am to 4pm. Even numbered properties and properties without a number may water on even dates; residents with odd numbers may water on odd dates. And just because it may be your day to water, doesn’t mean that your plants need water! Check first. Water responsibly.

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