What to do Now!

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what to do now

Let the summer fun begin as we cheerfully say hello to Memorial Day weekend!  What does Memorial Day mean to you?  Gardeners use this as the start date to plant their gardens – veggies, herbs, flowers and more. It’s also the time when patio furniture comes out of winter hibernation for relaxing days ahead.

Suckers! It’s time to remove suckers from your tomato plants (before they get too big); doing so will increase fruit production.

Continue to plant, plant, plant all warm season annuals and vegetables in pots, planters and the garden.

Water, water, water! We are in desperate need of rain. Until Mother Nature comes through (perhaps by weekend), you need to water – responsibly. Use a soaker hose in landscape and garden beds to deliver water to the roots. Lawns should be watered early in the day. Make sure your irrigation system is watering the lawn, not the road , sidewalk or driveway.

Love peppers? So do we! And it’s time to plant them. Check out ‘Pepper Pointers’!

What’s going on in the May garden?