The Merits of Mulch

Mulch…. it’s so much more than ‘the icing on the cake’. Sure, it provides great aesthetics by creating a finished look in any landscape setting, but did you know mulch also:

– prevents weeds

– conserves soil moisture needed by plants

– prevents soil erosion

– stabilizes soil temperatures

– accentuates and compliments plantings

When you mulch, two to three inches of material is all that’s needed to get the job done; more is NOT better.  A few words of advice: always keep mulch several inches away from the crowns and trunks of all plants.  And never mound mulch around the trunks of trees, a bad practice known as volcano mulching!

At Martin Viette, we have many types of natural mulch for you to choose from. Our line of Hampton Estate Mulches includes Hampton Estate Antique Black and our most popular mulch – Hampton Estate Mulch. We also carry aromatic cedar mulch; and pine bark mini and jumbo nuggets.

Need mulch? Bagged or bulk, our staff can assist you with selecting mulch and the amount needed to get the job done. Let the many merits of mulch work its magic in your landscape this spring.